Thursday, November 19, 2015

Lizzie Tempest Ruins A Viscount is now a free ebook

book 1 of my Felmont Brides Series is now free at ebookstores

I hope it makes you laugh.

My mother didn't laugh. She told very seriously that Lizzie should never have married  him.  What can I say?  I had warned her not to read it.  Lizzie agrees with my mother for half the book at least.

Blame the author, everyone does!

If you enjoy it, I'd be thrilled if you review it.

If you are more on my mother's side, I am sorry, very sorry, and I promise Lizzie will never marry him again in my imagination.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Inappropriate Laughter

Have you ever laughed and wished you could stop laughing? I am not talking about a smiggle (cross between a smile and a giggle) I mean stomach twitching, air gasping, helpless convulsions of laughter. Spasms grip as an outburst of guffaws threatens to never end. Awful isn’t it?

That is what happened to me and it was all Helen Fielding’s fault!

Never. I repeat, NEVER, read anything she writes on a plane.

I got on the plane and took my seat a little teary-eyed, having left my aged parents in the old country, to go home to my new country in the Frozen North.

To distract myself I picked up my Bridget Jones book. Big mistake! The man in the seat beside me is probably scarred for life. Halfway across the Atlantic ocean I get to the scene where Bridget opens Mark Darcy’s bedroom door. If I’d been alone I’d have enjoyed my LOL but trapped in a plane I tried to stop myself. I tried to stop all the guffawing, gasping, spasms, and convulsions. I hid the book behind the vomit bag! I didn’t dare even look at the cover! The fit lasted for an embarrassingly long time.

Now I read boring books and try to solve the evil Sudoku.

Never read comedy on a plane! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Felmont Brides Series

There are so far two books in my Felmont Bride series.  The first is Lizzie Tempest Ruins A Viscount.  Lord Felmont marries Lizzie much against his will because who would want to marry someone who hates them?  In this book we discover that the Felmont males were usually not faithful, which accounts for their distinctive features being on many descendants not bearing the Felmont name. Angel Anston is one, the Duke of Saint Sirin is another. I am sure more will be discovered and have books of their own.

When female Felmonts marry, their sons sometimes inherit their distinctive features and get to star in a book. Lord Rupert's Foolish Bride is second in the Felmont Brides series. Angel Anston shows up there to make trouble.  Felmonts tend to be unpredictable and fearless. If they think someone needs killing or kidnapping, they are going to do it.

My next book is third in the series. Dare I say when to look for it? Better not tempt fate!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

An Interview at Smashwords

If you'd like to read it.....  Smashwords Interview

Smashwords is how I publish everywhere, except at Amazon.
They make it easy.
Thank you, Smashwords!

Amazon sells my books all over the world.
Thank you, Amazon!

I don't like anyone to feel left out.
Thank you for reading this!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

notes on Lord Rupert's Foolish Bride

or should this post be called, what was Maggie thinking when she wrote that crazy book?

this is what happens when the heroine is not a member of the gentry

Jenny is not so odd in her world. Working class women fought in wars, dressed as men. I am sure they thought, why not be paid, when they followed their husbands into the army. It wasn't legal, they had to pretend they were male but they did it.

Women often got married pregnant and they worked hard. They often settled arguments by fighting. There were even women who were prize fighters. Working women spoke freely, not trying to keep their conversation decent. They were not vicars' daughters, like Jane Austen.

Where did the donkey come from? Jane Austen drove a donkey cart. You can see it here  Donkeys were considered safer than horses. Donkeys are too sensible to get their drivers into trouble and are unlikely to run away with them.  Donkeys don't scare easily. I am sure they don't bolt in a blind panic, not like the dreaded beach donkeys at Blackpool, but that is another story. I was little, it was scary. My father had to rescue me! The donkey was probably just trotting but I didn't think so at the time.

So there I was with a working heroine who had a donkey. I asked myself, what could possibly go wrong? What could go wrong that she couldn't easily fix? Every writer has to answer that question. It soon became clear that someone had to die, but who, and how, and could it be funny? If the person fated to die is evil, a mean awful man, with no redeeming qualities, then we can all be happy when he meets his doom. Can't we?

Would it help to know that my next heroine is a lady?

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